How to buy

This page explains — for individual readers, retailers, and libraries — how to obtain our e-books and print books.



For individual readers: Our e-books are available internationally from dozens of online stores, especially those supplied by Gardners Digital Warehouse. They include, amongst others:

In addition, our e-books may be read ‘on the cloud’ (that is, without needing to download a copy to your own computer) via 24symbols.

For libraries: suppliers and aggregators include Dawsonera, Ebooks Library, EBSCO, Ebrary, Gardners Digital Warehouse, and MyiLibrary.

Print books

In North America our print books may be ordered through retailers (whether online or bricks-and-mortar). Copies are printed and distributed by Lightning Source (part of the Ingram Content Group).

Outside North America, copies may be ordered through retailers or direct from our distributor, Central Books. Orders may be placed by trade or individual customers.

For libraries: We provide bibliographical records on Nielsen and Bowker. Nielsen and Bowker feed data to library suppliers so that any library supplier may source our publications from our distributors listed above.



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