Introducing Alan Haselhurst’s cricket fiction

A few weeks ago we posted about Politically Cricket, the newest title in our fiction series, Outcasts CC, written by Alan Haselhurst. If we managed to pique your curiosity, here is a proper introduction to the series:


Anthony Haynes writes: The club plays ‘friendlies’ mostly against village teams, mainly in Essex and Hertfordshire. The author himself is a member of Parliament for Saffron Walden, a constituency in that area. He is also an Honorary Vice-President of Essex County Cricket Club.

Cricket is often described as a noble game, but evidently nobody has told the Outcasts CC. Their adventures always end badly (in the sense of ‘disgracefully’).

Beer, curry, sex, and the emergency services are usually involved, though not necessarily in that order.

The first, Occasionally Cricket, was published by the now-defunct Queen Anne Press in 1999.

Eventually Cricket followed in 2001 and Incidentally Cricket in 2003.

In 2009 my own company, The Professional and Higher Partnership, published Accidentally Cricket and in 2011 we published Unusually Cricket. We have also reissued Occasionally (in print and digital formats) and Eventually and Incidentally (as e-books). In 2013, we published Fatally Cricket, and finally this year, Politically Cricket.

On the front cover of Politically Cricket, we feature Ed Smith – known both a cricketer (he also played for England) and as an author, notably of Luck: a fresh look at fortune (Bloomsbury, 2012): “Alan Haselhurst’s deep love of cricket and sense of humour run through all of his books.”


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