Researching Creative Writing “an essential addition to any writer-researcher’s library”

Niyousha writes: The National Association of Writers in Education has just published a new issue of its magazine, Writing in Education, featuring a splendid review of Jen Webb’s Researching Creative Writing.

“[Researching Creative Writing] is a lighthouse in the pea soup surrounding practice-based research.”

Writer, teacher and storyteller Kevan Manwaring begins his review by praising Webb’s sophisticated approach to defending “creative writing’s place within academic research community.” The review highlights how her comparative study with scientific methodology goes beyond the “false binary of intuitive creative approaches and methodical critical ones” and shows how a writer-researcher can partake in both.

Overall, Manwaring concludes that the book’s overview of creative-critical discourse is “a lighthouse in the pea soup surrounding practice-based research, and as such is useful and welcome.” He recommends the book as an essential for all writer-researchers and their respective institutions.

The full review can be found here in the Summer 2016 issue of Writing in Education .


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