New title in fiction series: Politically Cricket


The best part about studying creative writing is that sitting down to read a good novel after a long day counts as working to hone your craft. In our latest interview series, we’ve been asking the contributors of Studying Creative Writing – Successfully which works of fiction they would assign to their creative writing students if they could only assign one piece of writing (see Garry Craig Powell’s answer here and Anna Leahy’s here). We are excited to add a new novel this summer to the sea of good fiction to choose from – specifically, in the category of fiction fueled by a deep love for a non-literary interest, like cricket.

As you may know, we publish a fiction series about a nomadic cricket club called the Outcasts. Politically Cricket is the seventh book in Alan Haselhurst’s (aka Member of Parliament for Saffron Walden) Outcasts series.

In Politically Cricket, the world of village cricket is more entangled than ever before: a fixture with the Lords and Commons Cricket Club is complicated by the presence of a delegation of American politicians and an Arab prince. Like always, the Outcasts fall into a messy, humorous adventure.

As Ed Smith puts it, “Alan Haselhurst’s deep love of cricket and sense of humour runs through all his books,” and we can happily report that this one is no exception.

To order the novel through Central Books, click here.


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