Review: “An essential book, full of valuable and useful information”

Niyousha writes: It’s a nice summer treat to see Jen Webb’s Researching Creative Writing reviewed in Compulsive Reader!

Sue Bond, PhD candidate at Central Queensland University, finds the book to be an essential for writer-researchers.

Bond’s review comments on each major section of the book, highlighting that the first part “gives a refreshing way of thinking about research and about writing creatively,” while the second section goes through the research process, shedding light on “how the technical and aesthetic aspects of creative writing can be used in the pursuit of the research question.”

Drawing on Ronald Barthes’s quote, “Writing makes knowledge festive,” Bond concludes:

[Researching Creative Writing] is a book that has the potential to help creative writers ‘make knowledge festive’ in the process of creating their research projects. It is structured logically so as to make for optimal comprehension. It is superbly written and gives exciting examples of writers and books that illustrate the process of researching creative writing and writing as research. A book to which I shall refer repeatedly and which I highly recommend not only for tertiary students doing higher research degrees, or academics, but for all writers interested in research as part of the process of their practice.

Sue Bond is a PhD candidate at Central Queensland University and the former reviews editor at M/C Reviews: Culture and the Media.

Please find the complete review of the book here.


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