Drawing inspiration: Ruins & Relics & Creative Writing

Niyousha writes: Remember when Gabriel Garcia Marquez said in an interview with The Paris Review that “in the genesis of all my books there’s always an image?”

Well, that probably strikes home with a lot of writers. Images bring stories with them. They can spark a wealth of ideas in moments of total creative despair – whether for a work of fiction or research.

researching-creative-writingThe cover of the books in our Creative Writing Studies series all feature images from Rika Newcombe’s ‘Ruins and Relics’ gallery. Our most recent title, Researching Creative Writing (Jen Webb), uses No. 4 from Rika’s gallery.

Aside from being attractive art, maybe the series’ covers can kickstart your creative process today?

You can browse Rika’s full gallery here.


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  1. Reblogged this on Chicken Farmer I still love you and commented:
    Love the idea. Find using visual prompts, including collages and photos, often helpful

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