Our Creative Writing Studies series: time for a high five

Niyousha writes: This month marks a landmark for our Creative Writing Studies series.
Just four years ago around this time, we confirmed the publication of the very first title in the series, Rethinking Creative Writing by Stephanie Vanderslice.

Since then, we’ve added 5 more titles, rounding off the first cluster of commissioned work. With the publication of Jen Webb’s Researching Creative Writing this month, the series now includes one book in each of the five genres we sought out in our original vision.

It’s thrilling now to put the five pieces of the puzzle together and share a snapshot of our creative writing journey:


TCW publicity cover proof RGBChatterjee coverStudying Creative Writing ed. Sharon Norris 9781907076428-frontcoverresearching-creative-writing






“The monograph” : Stephanie Vanderslice’s monograph started it all in 2011. Rethinking Creative Writing impressed reviewers with its provocative critique of the status quo of Creative Writing as academic practice.

“This is a brave, serious, passionate and entertaining book” – Dr Steve May, Head of Department, Creative Writing, Bath Spa University and author of Doing Creative Writing.

“The professional how-to”: Next, the professional how-to edited by Elaine Walker, Teaching Creative Writing, brought together a host of international writers to provide teachers of creative writing with a diverse toolkit. In her review of the book in TEXT, Helen Gildfind finds the book useful for new and experienced teachers alike, as well as for creative writers themselves.

“The anthology”: Amal Chatterjee delved into the creative process and brought together Creative Writing: Writers on Writing in 2013, featuring original literary work by eight contemporary writers. The writers, Amal Chatterjee, Colm Breathnach, Fred D’Aguiar, Jane Draycott, Philip Gross, Kathryn Heyman, Sabyn Javeri-Jillani, and Emily Raboteau share their creative process and insights into their craft in essays accompanying their work.

“The student guide” : It’s one thing to study creative writing and yet another to make the absolute most of creative writing studies. Studying Creative Writing, edited by Sharon Norris and published in 2013, is concerned with the latter. The guide provides writing students with the skills they need to navigate the field and to create opportunities beyond their studies.

“This book offers a rich and varied introduction to what is a rich and varied field of study.”- Helen Gildfind, Text: Journal of writing and creative writing

“The scholarly how-to” : Finally, Jen Webb’s Researching Creative Writing, published this month, puts the last piece in our puzzle. For writer-researchers grappling with the sometimes uneasy relationship between creative writing and research, the book is another practical toolkit.

We look forward to hearing readers and reviewers’ thoughts on this book. More details about this recent publication and on how to acquire a copy can be found here.

And there we have them, all five pieces of the first batch in the Creative Writing Studies series.


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