Helen Gildfind reviews Studying Creative Writing (ed. Sharon Norris): ‘a rich and varied introduction’

Will Martin writes: The latest edition (Vol. 18, #1) of Text, the open access journal on creative writing, includes a review by Helen Gildfind (short story, essay and poetry writer, Melbourne) of our publication, Studying Creative Writing (ed. Sharon Norris).

Studying Creative Writing ed. Sharon Norris 9781907076428-frontcoverThe review begins:

Studying Creative Writingis the fourth in an international series of books entitled Creative Writing Studies. It is aimed at prospective and current students and those who teach writing in higher education. The book is structured into eleven chapters, each authored by a different teacher-writer. At first glance, the title of this text makes it seem relevant to a very narrow audience. Upon reading, however, it becomes evident that the book is of interest and use to those studying, teaching, and/or practicing writing before, during or after tertiary education.”

And concludes: “this book offers a rich and varied introduction to what is a rich and varied field of study.”

For more information on Studying Creative Writing, click here.


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