New project for Amy Letter, contributor to Teaching Creative Writing

Will Martin writes: Amy Letter is a writer of essays, stories and poetry and is a contributor to our Teaching Creative Writing. She is also an artist – specialising in storytelling in both visual and tactile form. Her writing has appeared in magazines and journals such as PANK, Rumpus and Fringe.

Amy%20Letter%20site%20pic%20smallerAmy’s latest story, ‘The Lighted Globes,’ will be featured in the forthcoming Gigantic Worlds Science Flash Fiction Anthology, along with stories by Philip K. Dick, Jonathan Lethem, Alissa Nutting, and Charles Yu.

“When each panel was perfect, I connected it to the last, attaching circuits of gold wire, every panel leading to every other, until the inside of the forming sphere was a network of threads interwoven like the dream of a future city. There was only one panel left to place. Carefully, watching through the glass, I spun the diamond cutter on 10 and dipped it into my wrist. I wiped the blood from the glass, from the skin, tightened the tourniquet, did it again. Soon I had to wipe away bone. Marrow. Screams.”
Amy Letter, from ‘The Lighted Globes’ Look for it in March 2014.


Amy also teaches Fiction and New Media at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, and – as part of an international team of writers – contributed to our Teaching Creative Writing, which aims to showcase practical approaches developed by practitioners in the ever-growing community of writers in higher education.

Aimed at enabling those who teach the subject to review, borrow and adapt ideas, the emphasis throughout is on diversity, taking into account a variety of forms and genres and including traditional and innovative components of creative writing courses.

Click here for more information on Teaching Creative Writing.


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