Introducing our new marketing associate: Will Martin

Anthony Haynes writes: First, the bad news: we’ve had to say goodbye to Alexandra Webster as our marketing associate. Alexandra is leaving to spend more time with her family (yes, really!). Second, the good news: we’ve appointed Will Martin to take up the reins. Below, Will introduces himself using Elaine Walker’s ‘icebreaker’ categories found in Teaching creative writing.

photoName: My full name is William Henry Martin.

Name story: My parents like to pretend it’s coincidental, but there are about three other long-gone William H. Martins in my family tree. I prefer the more casual ‘Will’.

My writing: I’ve recently graduated from Aberystwyth University, where I studied Creative Writing. Naturally, I aspire to write ‘serious’ literature. What I actually write are satirical short stories about the English gentry.

My recommendation: I recommend you read some of Will Self’s short stories – you’ll never look at your family in the same way again.

Ask me if you need information on:  The art of pouring latte: as a student, I made more than my fair share of coffee!

What I can’t help you with: Anything, really – I’m famously impatient when showing people how to do things. Tutorials come with a health warning.


About Anthony Haynes

Director, Frontinus Ltd Communications Associate, FJWilson Talent Services

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