Self-publishing: bringing a book back into the light

Anthony Haynes writes: Last Friday we published an invited post from Lorna Fergusson about her novel, The Chase. The focus of that post was the novel itself. Here we publish (again by invitation) a fuller post, focused on the self-publishing — a topic of interest to many who work in creative writing.

Lorna Fergusson writes: I’ve just published my novel, The Chase, as an e-book with a paperback version to follow. This has been an incredibly fulfilling process even though it’s involved a steep learning curve.

The-Chase_MEDIUM-200x300The novel was originally published by Bloomsbury to excellent reviews, which made me enormously proud. However, the traditional model of publishing means that a work you have spent years creating has a brief moment in the sun, then is shunted aside by the next products in the schedule.

These days, writers are seizing the chance, as I did, to retrieve rights to old works as well as produce new ones and bring them out themselves. I’ve relished having control over how I publish and am delighted with the new cover I commissioned. I’ve discovered a supportive community of fellow self-publishers and I’ve just attended the London Book Fair where, for the first time, authors were a significant presence. There was talk of tumbleweed in the aisles of the Rights Centre, while in the Digital Zone, the Author Lounge was buzzing.

The times are definitely changing: the ‘long tail’ of digital publication means that your book no longer blinks in the light of a passing sunbeam before being lost in the shadows.

About the author: Lorna Fergusson runs Fictionfire Literary Consultancy, has many years’ experience of teaching creative writing, including for Oxford University’s Department for Continuing Education, and has contributed a chapter on Prewriting to the forthcoming Studying Creative Writing.

The Chase links:

Fictionfire Press:

Fictionfire Literary Consultancy:

The Alliance of Independent Authors: – I can’t recommend this organisation highly enough for anyone who’s considering self-publishing.


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