Special edition of Text

Anthony Haynes writes: Text: Journal of Writing and Writing Courses has just published a special edition entitled ‘Mud map: Australian women’s experimental writing‘ (Vol. 17, no. 1).

In her introduction to the volume, Anna Gibbs explains that:

“The project represented by this collection of work was conceived in 2009, by Moya Costello who pushed the other editors to act on our previous discussions, as a ‘landmark anthology’ of Australian women’s experimental writing in the vein of the maps made by collections of the 1970s and 1980s: Mother, I’m rooted (edited by Kate Jennings, 1975) which was the first collection of poetry by Australian women, and F(r)ictions (edited by Anna Gibbs and Alison Tilson, 1982). To our dismay, the current state of print publishing in Australia made such an enterprise impossible, as our proposal was rejected everywhere we sent it, mostly it seems because such collections have gone out of favour, at least with publishers. In the face of these refusals, we decided to opt for a journal publication, and this journal… was an obvious choice, since it has a wide – and growing – readership both in (and outside) universities, and, when it comes to experimental writing, teachers are always seeking examples for use in class”.

Later in the intro, Gibbs explains that the provenance of the material made it impossible to apply the journal’s usual peer review procedure (“The work included here is not blind refereed, but every piece was read and discussed by all four editors”). Well, in the view of this reader at least, it’s really not a problem.


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