Lorna Fergusson: Reviving a French affair

Anthony Haynes writes: We like to use this space on our website in part to showcase the creative work of those writers we work with — our authors, contributors, editors, editorial board members, reviewers, and associates.

Later this summer we’re publishing Lorna Fergusson, who’s written a great chapter on the subject of ‘pre-writing’ for Studying creative writing (ed. Sharon Norris).

Here we invited Lorna to tell us more about another of her pieces of writing.

Lorna Fergusson writes: I’ve just republished The Chase on Amazon’s Kindle, with other e-reader formats and a paperback to follow, under my own imprint.

The-Chase_MEDIUM-200x300The novel was previously published by Bloomsbury. It is, among other things, a love-letter to a special time in France, when for several years my husband and I part-owned an old house in the Dordogne, near Bergerac. I poured all my fascination with the history and landscape of the Périgord into the novel.

The novel tells how Netty and Gerald Feldwick move to France in 1989 to escape tragic memories and tabloid attention, only to find, once there, that they cannot escape the past.

The main narrative is interwoven with episodes from the history of the location and is blended with the sensory pleasure of French life and the variety of ex-pats and natives the Feldwicks encounter. You can see further details and read reviews at www.fictionfirepress.com.


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