A model website for writers? Kate Kerrow’s site

Anthony Haynes writes: Last week at the University of Westminster we had an excellent talk by playwright and  fiction author, Kate Kerrow.

I hadn’ t met Kate before. What prompted me, then, to invite her as a speaker? primarily the excellence of her website. The site, called simply Kate Kerrow, is here: http://katekerrow.com/.

What’s good about it?

1. It’s rich in content. Kate doesn’t just tell us about her work, she includes sample text in a section labelled ‘portfolio‘.

2. It’s concrete and informative. Instead of sweeping statements, there is plenty of nitty-gritty – for example on the ‘About‘ page.

3. It’s readily navigable.

4. The design is – at least to my eyes – stylish and tasteful – classy, even.

5. It is meticulously maintained. Work is carefully documented. Numerous links, both internal and external, are provided. And there plenty of quotations from reviews and endorsements (which, incidentally, contribute to something of a ‘third-person’ objective – rather than self-indulgent – feel).

If you’re a writer looking for a model for your own website, this is, I suggest, a contender.

If you’d like to recommend other models, do please let me know…


About Anthony Haynes

Director, Frontinus Ltd Communications Associate, FJWilson Talent Services

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