Creative writing and recruitment

Anthony Haynes writes: I met Ljubo Popov via LinkedIn. Ljubo is the author of, a recruitment blog. He uses writing more creatively than is typical in that field. Here Ljubo explains his approach.


“There are not more than five musical notes, yet the combinations of these five give rise to more melodies than can ever be heard.”

Sun Tzu

Scribbling this, I am still not sure what I consider true creative writing to be. In my profession I use twists to make a job more appealing or an applicant more likely to get hired. That’s the commercial use of language and creativity.

But what does this really stand for? In both cases, by being creative I am trying to find a way to connect with a deeper structure of a person. Put another way, I use context to provoke both the mind and the personality, whatever elaborate belief systems it may hold.

Come to think of it, creativity is a lot like love. Sometimes selfishly, we are always aiming to connect ourselves with our partner. Same goes for writing – whether we are conscious of it or not. Just like in love.

About Ljubo Popov: I am the author of During one of my own interviews at a big company in Bulgaria I realised how little the recruiters knew about the corporation they were a part of. It struck me as odd that a sales person wasn’t interested at all in how the company was attracting new applicants. This is the main reason that made me start blogging about HR – I want to add value to the profession and share my insights on organizational culture. I believe that seeing the big picture will allow oneself to operate more efficiently in any environment.

My educational background is psychology. This field of study has encouraged my natural curiosity to go beyond separate individuals and focus on how people organise, work and live together. I see this as my opportunity to put theoretical and practical psychology together not to necessarily cure a mental problem, but to try to prevent burnout – one of creativity’s natural enemies. Feel free to contact me and add your piece to the puzzle.


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