Editing and rewriting: online course

Anthony Haynes writes: As a writer, and a teacher of writing, I’ve longed believed that the key to successful writing lies in the processes of editing and rewriting. It’s good, then, to hear of a course on the subject, run by the excellent Calum Kerr. The details are as follows:

Editing & Rewriting Online Course

The only problem with stories is when they just don’t come out quite right first time. Even when they are 95% there, squeezing that last 5% out of the story can be time-consuming, frustrating, and sometimes just plain baffling.

If you have ever struggled with a story which doesn’t quite work, of if you just want to make your work as good as it can possibly be.

Over 6 weeks this course will take you through a variety of editing and rewriting exercises, using both provided examples and your own work, to help you with everything from major story shifts to proof-reading and preparation for submission and publication.

The course starts on Monday 29th October and runs for 6 weeks.

Enrolment details are here.


About Anthony Haynes

Director, Frontinus Ltd Communications Associate, FJWilson Talent Services


  1. joe

    is there any related studies about your creative writing?

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