Developing the Creative Writing Studies publishing programme

Anthony Haynes writes: Imagine you’re at a large airport, watching planes land. As one plane touches down on the runway, you look up and see another one lined up, making its approach. And behind that one, a little farther off and higher up, is the next.

As a publisher, that’s how you want your titles to come in – neatly in sequence, with time for each to receive its due attention. In real life that can be hard to achieve – authors, editors, contributors, and reviewers are harder to synchronise than aeroplanes! But I’m delighted to report that, as things stand currently, the Creative Writing Studies programme is running on schedule. Specifically:

  1. Our first title, Rethinking Creative Writing by Stephanie Vanderslice, was published in e-book form in 2011 and in print in January 2012.
  2. Teaching Creative Writing, edited by Elaine Walker, has been reviewed and copy-edited and is now being typeset by Benn Linfield. It will be published in the summer.
  3. Creative Writing: Writers on Writing, edited by Amal Chatterjee, has reached what we call the ‘alpha version’ stage – we have a complete typescript, which is currently under review. It will be published in the fall.
  4. Researching Creative Writing is being written by Jen Webb for publication in 2013.
  5. Our fifth title will be Studying Creative Writing, edited by Sharon Norris. We’ve recently completed the process of commissioning contributors and some chapters are already making good progress in draft form. We’ll post on this in more detail shortly.

Which raises the question, what will be the sixth? We’ve had numerous suggestions and proposals, but so far none with that compelling ‘no-brainer’ quality we look for in a project…


About Anthony Haynes

Director, Frontinus Ltd Communications Associate, FJWilson Talent Services


  1. Richard Kitchen

    I see you need a proofreader for your online missives … at least the titles!

    • Thank you – I’ve now corrected the spelling of ‘Developing’! As you know, I’m illiterate, so I rely on the WordPress spell-checker. It’s very good, but it doesn’t do titles!

      To the rest of the world I say, if you’re looking for a good editor or proofreader, the sender of this correction – Mr Richard Kitchen – comes highly recommended.

      • Richard Kitchen

        Honoured to be of service!
        This morning, frustrated by an advertisement in the panel below a Telegraph crossword, I sent an email to Voyages Of Discovery pointing out that their slogan published nationally on paper and online (“There’s a whole world of discovery – even before you step foot ashore”) isn’t quite correct. (I didn’t point out that it’s not very interesting either).
        Astoundingly, it appears from their reply that no one else had spotted this. I thought I might be invited to join their Marketing team or offered a free cruise …. but alas, a Thank You email will have to suffice.

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