The Creative Writing Interviews: Craig Batty

The Creative Writing Interviews form a series of interviews with contributors to our Creative Writing Studies list. Find out about their work and approach towards writing.

Frances Haynes writes:  Craig Batty is a screenwriter and script consultant, and has written articles on screenwriting and media writing for publications such as Writing in EducationScriptWriter MagazineNew Writing and the Journal of Screenwriting.

He is the co-author of three books, Writing for the Screen: Creative and Critical ApproachesMedia Writing: A Practical Introduction and The Creative Screenwriter: Exercises to Expand Your Craft and the author of Movies that Move Us: Screenwriting and the Power of the Protagonist’s Journey. You can see his books here. Craig is also a contributor to our forthcoming publication, Teaching Creative Writing.

Craig is Senior Lecturer in Creative and Professional Writing at RMIT University, Australia. You can find out more about Craig here.

Craig, what do you write?

I write scripts – for screen and radio – as well as books and articles about screenwriting and media writing.  I must admit that I’ve slipped into the ‘writing about writing’ realm recently, so I must remember to keep being creative!  That said, I do really enjoy writing about writing.  I’m also dabbling with some prose at the minute, which I haven’t done a lot of since my Masters degree.

Whom do you write for?

I guess a lot of people say they write for themselves, and to some extent that’s true (pouring out your emotions!), but I’d say that I write for other people.  I write for an audience (to make them laugh or cry, or both); I write for students (books and articles about writing); and I write for lecturers/educators (books and articles about writing and teaching).

What achievement are you most proud of as a writer?

I’d say having books published.  There’s something special about all the kinds of writing I do, and it’s great to see your name on the credits of something, for example.  But at the minute, seeing books with my name on is a proud moment.  It’d be nice to see my name in the TV Times, but in a library will do for now!

What involvement do you have / have you had with creative writing as a university/college subject/discipline?

Quite a lot, actually.  I’ve taught in three universities in the UK, and now I’m teaching at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.  I regularly give talks and deliver workshops at other universities and educational institutions, as well as places like the BFI and writing festivals.  I’m on the NAWE Higher Education Committee, and attend and speak at a lot of writing- and teaching-based conferences.

What is your ambition as a writer?

To be happy?!  To publish creative work as well as critical work, and to work with emerging high-profile writers as a consultant and coach.  I guess being able to give up the day job and just write is appealing … though I’d be afraid of getting bored and lazy.  I need to think about that one!



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