Reading creative writing publications on the cloud

Anthony Haynes writes: In our previous post I outlined five ways in which our readers can acquire or access our publications. The least conventional of these is accessing publications on the cloud.

Starting with our latest publication, we are making our titles available on 24symbols (the ‘Spotify for books’ as the press have called them). This enables readers to read them ‘on the cloud’ (i.e. without downloading a file), which  provides various benefits:

  • it makes publications accessible through any internet connection (not just your own computer);
  • it overcomes concerns that many readers have concerning downloads (including concerns over formats or security);
  • publications can be sampled page by page: one doesn’t have to commit to the entire book.

Readers who decide they do wish to download the book can then do so using 24symbols’ subscription service.


About Anthony Haynes

Director, Frontinus Ltd Communications Associate, FJWilson Talent Services

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