Creative writing – online resources #10: Creative regions

Anthony Haynes writes: In this series of posts on online resources, we have so far stuck closely to resources for or on writing. Today’s post ranges farther afield.

Many universities teach and research both creative writing and the creative industries more generally, including creative enterprise. In some institutions these fields are kept apart – living, as it were, parallel lives. But as today’s tough economic climate brings a new emphasis on employability, there is more call for bringing the fields together.

So it is good to know of some accessible research on the creative industries. Creative Regions in Europe is a research network supported by the Regional Studies Association. The network’s website,  Creative Regions in Europe, provides numerous links to research in various (mostly ‘grey literature’) formats. They include seminar outcomes, reports, a green paper, and a book (Creative business – 10 lessons to help you build a business your way).

Perhaps of most interest here is the series of working papers by Roberta Comunian and others. Many study the phenomenon of ‘bohemian graduates’ (graduates in creative disciplines, including writing) – their careers and economic performance and the implications of and for higher education courses.


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