The Creative Writing Interviews: Adam Floridia

The Creative Writing Interviews form a series of interviews with contributors to our Creative Writing Studies list. Find out about their work and approach towards writing.

Frances Haynes writes: Adam Floridia is an adjunct instructor and the director of the learning center at Middlesex Community College and writes mainly articles, including book reviews for He is a contributor to Teaching Creative Writing.

Adam, what do you write? 

I write mostly informal book reviews and an academic paper every now and again.  I feel I have more skill when it comes to that type of writing, although I really would love to publish fiction one day.  Hopefully reading others’ entries in this creative writing series will help incite my own creative energies.

Whom do you write for?

About once a year I try to find a call for papers from an academic journal that interests me, just to keep my critical and analytical writing talents from atrophying.  Mostly, though, I write book reviews for a book-blog called  I’ve been reading over fifty books a year for the past few years, and writing reviews of them helps me keep track of what I’ve read and what I thought about it.  While I do like it when others on the site read my reviews, they really are primarily for me. Again, just another way to keep myself writing.

What achievement are you most proud of as a writer?

Honestly, having my short piece published in Teaching Creative Writing.  It is the first time something of mine will appear in a publication other than an obscure scholarly journal!

What involvement do you have / have you had with creative writing as a university/college subject/discipline?

I’m hesitant to answer… none.  I was a high school teacher for a number of years, and my creative writing unit was one of my favourites to teach (and one of the students’ favourites).  As an adjunct instructor at Middlesex Community College (CT, USA), I have not yet taught a creative writing course, but would like to in the future.

What is your ambition as a writer?

To publish a novel.  Easy to say, so far impossible to do.  Even now I see that as more of a pipedream, but perhaps someday I will be disciplined enough to get all of my ideas down on paper.  Then I’ll just have to hope they’re any good!



  1. Erin

    I would read a novel by Adam Floridia

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