Creative writing – online resources #9: Write or Revise

Anthony Haynes writes: Much of the time, creative writing and technical writing seem to exist in separate, parallel, universes. This is a shame – both because technical writing can itself be creative and because much thinking about what constitutes good technical writing can in fact be applied more widely.

Which brings me to today’s selected online resource, Write or Revise Daily (WORD). WORD is hosted by editor and writer, Judy Sawler, who seems perfectly positioned to exploit the synergies between technical and creative writing.

WORD provides very direct advice for writers – on linguistic matters such as grammar and style and on more general matters of approach. I particularly like ‘Create your own collection of writing prompts‘.

Recent posts explore the relationship between technical and creative writing intriguingly and – to my mind – successfully. Examples of such posts include ‘Character development for technical writing?‘ and  ‘Plot development for technical writing?‘.


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