Creative writing – online resources #8: Writer’s Cafe

Anthony Haynes writes: I’ve had mixed success exploring discussion groups – especially writers’ discussion groups – on LinkedIn. Though groups can be sizeable, there is sometimes a dearth of productive interaction – with a preponderance of not-always-very-good writers promoting their work.

One group that I’ve stuck with, however, is Writer’s Cafe. This is a reasonably large group (with 6,000+ members) that is still growing and, praise be, isn’t dominated by a small group of posters.

I’ve found it to be a lively place, with numerous new discussions each week. The quality and helpfulness of contributions varies, but that is in the nature of discussion groups. The good thing here is that every now and then, an interesting, multi-party, discussion kicks off.

Though the group statistics indicate that, as with many groups, the number of discussions exceeds the number of comments, nevertheless there is a regular stream of comments each week.

PS I can’t help feeling it should be Writers’ Cafe (apostrophe after the ‘s’) – but that’s not my decision!


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