The Creative Writing Interviews: Elaine Walker

Anthony Haynes writes: Today we start a new series of posts consisting of interviews with our authors, contributors, and editors. First up is Elaine Walker, the volume editor of our forthcoming book Teaching Creative Writing. Elaine’s website is at

Here is the interview:

Elaine, what do you write?

Magical realism, poetry and non-fiction.

I’ve kept horses all my life so they turn up frequently in my work and I am a singer so I write about music too, as well as about my moorland home in North Wales.

Whom do you write for?

Myself primarily. But eventually I always think about an audience – I think writing is as much a performance as being on stage – so for anyone who might share my enthusiasms.

What achievement are you most proud of as a writer?

Having my first book, Horse (Reaktion, 2008), chosen by the Kalima Project, which selects 100 titles a year from classic and contemporary texts for translation into Arabic. Also, finding out that my novel, The Horses (Cinnamon, 2010), was a core text on a degree course.

I learned about both of these after they happened so I’m not sure if they are achievements as such, but I got a big kick out of them.

What involvement do you have with creative writing as a university or college discipline?

I lecture for the University of Wales, Bangor, online and face-to-face, and also for the Open University. I’ve also taught creative writing in FE and community settings.

Teaching online has become a significant way of working for me, partly because of where I live but also because the breadth of reach it offers interests me.

What’s your ambition as a writer?

I’d like to complete all the books that I have drafted in my mind’s eye.


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