Creative writing – online resources #7: The Script Lab

To date on this site we have focused more on literary forms – especially fiction and poetry – than on scripts. It’s good to be able to redress the balance a little here. The resource I’ve selected to showcase in this post is a website called The Script Lab.

The website provides an extraordinarily rich range of resources. They include:

  • Screenwriting 101 – a series of introductory articles on screenwriting;
  • Screenwriting Basics – practical resources on such matters as genre and how to write the first ten pages of a script. Screenwriting Basics contains my favourite part of the site, namely ‘Sequence breakdowns‘ – this part provides very analytical, concrete examples of the craft of scripting sequences of 10-15 minutes;
  • How to write a screenplay, which organises tips around categories that will be familiar to most readers here (story, character, structure, voice etc.)
  • TSLU – ‘The Script Lab University’, designed to host courses, seminars, forums etc. (This looks promising, though I haven’t actually sampled this part of the site).

Two thoughts have occurred to me many times as I have been exploring the site over recent weeks. First, the insights and guidance provided could, in may cases, be applied to other forms of writing beyond screenwriting – to drama and fiction, for example.

Second, in the process of dealing with questions about how to write a script, the site provides inspiration and helps to build confidence. Having gone more than half a century with no desire to write a script myself and no belief that I actually could, even if I wanted to, I now catch myself thinking that I’d rather like to and perhaps might even be capable of doing so.


About Anthony Haynes

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    Something I hope will be useful to those of you considering Script Frenzy this year.

  2. Quite enlightening! Great post. Thanks for sharing!

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