Creative writing – online resources #6: is an online curation too. It enables users to gather content from the internet (typically from links provided from selected Twitter accounts)  and re-publish it in the form of a digital newspaper.

To find newspapers focusing on creative writing or associated topics, visit‘s ‘Newstand’ and use the search function. For example, a search for ‘creative writing’ yields, amongst others:

A search for ‘writer’ and ‘writing’ yields – amongst many, many others – the well-established The Writer’s Daily and the more specialised Writing Instruments Daily respectively (the latter being dedicated to ‘pens, paper, ink, and related paraphernalia’).

As can be seen from the above titles, some are published daily and some weekly. I no longer subscribe to any daily ones – I didn’t want to devote time every day to reading them – but that is a matter of personal taste.

Each front page tells you how many ‘spotters’ a newspaper has, i.e. how many sources (such as Twitter accounts) it draws content, or links to content, from. According to’s blog, the ideal number is 10-20. I agree with that – a larger number of spotters tends to lead to unfocused content or an overwhelming number of stories.

If you’re interested in setting up your own newspaper, I can report that it’s not difficult to do so – I’m no techie, but I managed it with only a little scratching of the head!


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