Creative Writing in the Academy: Support, Solace and Tips for Postgraduate Writers

Anthony Haynes writes: I have recently discovered a lively, constructive website which is very pertinent to the concerns of our own Creative Writing projects. It is Creative Writing in the Academy. The hosts, Deanna Carlyle and Remittance Girl, have kindly agreed to write an introduction to the site. Here it is.

Deanna Carlyle and Remittance Girl write: We co-host Creative Writing in the Academy, a new blog for, by, and about working writers pursuing a postgraduate degree. We share useful links and practical tips for surviving the PhD journey, all served with a smile and an occasional angsty scream. Come learn from our mistakes.

Especially useful are our lists of peer-reviewed creative writing journals>  and academic conferences <>.

Beyond practical resources like these, we offer moral support and companionship during the creative and intellectual journey. To this end, a study group and writing challenge are in the works. If you’re interested in participating, you’re invited to make contact <>  with Deanna and Madeleine. We’d be pleased to hear from you!


About Anthony Haynes

Director, Frontinus Ltd Communications Associate, FJWilson Talent Services


  1. Stevie Russell

    Another very helpful post on this blog – I often retweet your posts. Thank you!

  2. Thanks so much for mentioning our blog, Anthony! I think I caught an Americanism of mine in our write-up: “Come learn from our mistakes.” I wonder whether a Brit would say, “Come and learn from our mistakes”? I’m happy with it either way. Thanks again!

    • Yes, The British version would be ‘come and learn’: but we seek to be international here anyway. For example:

      Good to see readers already clicking through to your site from the links.

      PS I only wish we had Jen Webb’s ‘Researching Creative Writing’ already in print – will be just the thing for PhDs!

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