‘Campus’ visiting

Anthony Haynes writes: Early autumn is one of the prime times of the year for ‘campus’ visiting. (I put ‘campus’ in inverted commas because higher education creative writing courses have all kinds of abodes – by no means all of them on campuses.)

The purpose of our visits is to (a) exchange information and (b) explore ideas. In particular, we’re keen to meet people who:

  • have ideas of things they’d like to write on creative writing;
  • are interested in getting more involved – for example, as a peer reviewer, contributor, volume editor, adviser, or author.
Naturally, we’re happy to have conversations on a ‘no obligation’ basis – and if you have a (potential) project that you wish to keep confidential, we will respect that.
We like to think we can usually say useful things about publishing ideas  – we’re looking to commission projects ourselves but also we do also give advice on other publishing avenues where appropriate. From our point of view, visits are always useful – it’s good to find out what people are busy with and what changes are afoot in terms of courses, pedagogy, research, and writing. This month, we’re visiting Winchester and Lincoln – perhaps Loughborough too – and we look forward to arranging more.
If you and/or your colleagues would be interested to meet – perhaps over a coffee or a bite to eat – do please get in touch: our full contact details are on the About us page.

About Anthony Haynes

Director, Frontinus Ltd Communications Associate, FJWilson Talent Services

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