Creative writing at Winchester University

On 5 July we announced our policy of using this blog space to showcase the work –  “publications, developments in course developments, teaching and learning ideas, library initiatives and resources” – of members of the creative writing community in higher education. Here is an invited contribution from Dr Vanessa Harbour.

Vanessa Harbour writes: I am delighted to say that I have been right through the system at Winchester, having done their BA, then the MA in Writing for Children and, most recently, a creative writing PhD.  And have enjoyed every minute of it. I have always found that there is an enormous amount of support and encouragement not only from all the lecturers, but also from within the student community. As a former businesswoman I am particularly keen on the way many of the modules at Winchester look to the future by ensuring that the students are aware of how their transferable skills can be used in the work place.

The courses: Creative writing at Winchester is both forward thinking and dynamic whilst being at the cutting edge of research into creative writing. There are courses available from BA to PhD, including MAs in Creative and Critical Writing and Writing for Children. All lecturers are practitioners and have regular contact with all students. A selection of modules on offer includes: writing for children; writing for display; graphic novels; scriptwriting; poetry and song lyrics. The programme welcomes a wide selection of visiting speakers from authors to agents to publishers. One of the main aims of the courses is to encourage students to recognise their transferable skills and therefore their employability. Winchester University is the host of the annual Winchester Writers’ Conference whilst Winchester University Press supports the renowned Write4Children, an open access online journal that can be found at For further information on any of the courses please email


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