Teaching Creative Writing: international line-up announced

We are pleased to announce the team of contributors to Teaching Creative Writing. Elaine Walker, the volume editor, has assembled a diverse, international, line-up. Countries represented include America, Australia, Hong Kong, Netherlands, South Africa, and the UK.

The contributors are: M. Y. Alam; Amina Alyal; Joanna Barnden; Craig Batty; Martyn Bedford; DeMisty D. Bellinger; Donna Lee Brien; Sandra Burr; Lesley Burt; Diana Chin-A-Fat; William Cordeiro; Michael G. Cornelius; Michelle Crawford; Patricia Debney; Rosemary Dun; Adam Floridia; Beverly Frydman; Philip Gross; Vanessa Harbour; Paul Hardwick; Gill James; Jeff Jones; Spencer Jordan; Colleen Kearney Rich; Sam Kelly; Eric LeMay; Amy Letter; Barrie Llewelyn; Sara Lodge; Paul Lucas; Steve May; Allene Nichols; Sharon Norris; Katy Price; Elizabeth Reeder; Lisa Samson; Richard B. Sonnenmoser; Andy Thatcher; Meg Vandermerwe; Elaine Walker; Ian Williams; Nicholas Wong; Stefanie Wortman; and Jennifer Young.

For further information on the book, please click here: Teaching Creative Writing NBI.


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