Studying Creative Writing: editor announced

We posted here on 6 April that we were in the process of commissioning Studying Creative Writing, a learning resource for students. We’re now delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Sharon Norris as the volume editor.

Dr Norris is Senior Lecturer at the University of Roehampton in London. Her areas of expertise include song writing, journalism, and the critical reflective essay genre.

Studying Creative Writing is the fifth book to be commissioned in our Creative Writing Studies imprint, following

  • Creative Writing, ed. Amal Chatterjee;
  • Rethinking Creative Writing by Stephanie Vanderslice;
  • Researching Creative Writing by Jen Webb;
  • Teaching Creative Writing, ed. Elaine Walker.

The prospective publication date for Studying Creative Writing is 2013. We will announce further information on the contents and contributors soon.


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