Peer review

One of the foundation stones of our publishing programme is peer review. We use peer review both to assure quality and to help us develop our publications further.

Each of our publications is peer reviewed at least thrice. We commission :

1. reviews of book proposals, pre-contract;

2. reviews of sample material, usually post-contract but as early as possible int he writing process;

3. reviews of complete typescripts, before they are copy-edited.

Our review process is non-bureaucratic. It’s the views of experts we’re after, not form-filling. Typically we ask our reviewers to respond to a handful of wide-angle questions and then add anything else they’d like to tell us. We keep the process anonymous.

We are developing an international team of reviewers. Whereas journals tend to expect reviewers to work free of charge, we do pay (admittedly, small!) review fees.

If you would be interested in acting as a peer reviewer, you’re welcome to contact us with an expression of interest. For ways of contacting us, please see our About us page.


About Anthony Haynes

Director, Frontinus Ltd Communications Associate, FJWilson Talent Services

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