Publishers’ websites (I)

Anthony Haynes writes: One of the most common weaknesses of publishers’ websites is that most publishers regard it as taboo even to mention any other publishers’ publications. They seem to believe that such references entail a zero sum – as though alerting readers to publications from other stables necessarily damages one’s own.

This assumption is completely at odds with readers’ behaviour. For one thing, the act of reading one book typically encourages us to go on and read others – we are intrigued by references to other publications, say, or decide to follow advice provided under the heading of  ‘further reading’.

For another, readers are for most part entirely happy to move between publishers’ lists as they construct their own reading paths. A few brands – for example, Mills & Boon novels or Haynes car manuals – may enjoy brand loyalty. For the most part, however, readers are uninterested in publishers and may well not be able to tell you who published the books they’re reading at the time.

I’m pleased to say, therefore, that our policy of making this website open to the world of creative writing studies includes, naturally, making reference to (and providing click-throughs to)  other companies’ publications. See, for example, our recent post on Susan Sellers.

We’d be happy to include other such items, so do please contact us if you have news of other publications of interest to the Creative Writing Studies community. We won’t promise to carry every news item – and when we do, we will want to keep the post concise – but please be assured that our editorial principle is to keep readers informed of relevant publications, regardless of provenance.


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