Welcome to Creative Writing Studies. Over the last few years there has been sustained growth in the numbers of students in higher education choosing to follow courses in creative writing or to pursue research degrees in the subject. The discipline has also witnessed a growth in scholarship.

The world of publishing has not entirely kept pace with these developments. There is of course plenty of publishing on creative writing – some of it admirable. There are trade lists – by which we mean publishing not aimed specifically at higher education (though some of the titles on these lists are used in higher education settings). An example is A&C Black’s list, which includes the long-established Writing Handbooks series, The Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook, and a new series published under the Methuen imprint in collaboration with the Arvon Foundation.

There are also academic lists that have included creative writing titles. Typically these have been literary studies, English, or composition and rhetoric lists. Examples of publishers here include Multilingual Matters, Palgrave, Routledge, and Utah State University Press.

There has, however, been a lack of lists dedicated entirely to creative writing in higher education. Our imprint, Creative Writing Studies, is designed to fill this gap.

This website is designed to do more than merely introduce our list. It’s also designed to provide resources, or links to resources, of interest to students, teachers, and scholars in the field of creative writing.


About Anthony Haynes

Director, Frontinus Ltd Communications Associate, FJWilson Talent Services

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  1. Very excited about this new blog!

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